Infantry Drills

FM 3-21.8 – Glossary





AA assembly area
AAR after-action review
ACL allowable cargo load
AD air defense
ADA air defense artillery
ADAM air defense and missile
AG assistant gunner
AHD antihandling device
ALO air liaison officer
ANCD automated network control device
AO area of operations
AP antipersonnel
APC armored personnel carrier
APDS armor piercing discarding sabot
APOBS Antipersonnel Obstacle Breaching System
AR automatic rifleman
AT antitank
ATGM antitank guided missile
BAS battalion aid station
BB bunker buster
BC Bradley commander
BCU battery coolant unit
BDM bunker defeat munition
BFT blue force tracker
BIT built-in text
BITE built-in test equipment
BMNT beginning morning nautical twilight
BVF M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle

command and control

CAPS counter active protection system
CAS close air support

casualty evacuation


chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear

CCIR commander’s critical information requirements
CCM close combat missile
CCMS Close Combat Missile System
CCP casualty collection point
CFL coordinated fire line
CLU command launch unit
COA course of action

contemporary operational environment

COP common operating picture
CP check point
CWST combat survival water test
DA Department of the Army
DD Deparment of Defense form
DED detailed equipment decontamination
DLIC detachment left in contact
DoD Department of Defense
DTD detailed troop decontamination
DTG date-time group
DVR driver
EA engagement area
ECM electronic countermeasures
EENT end of evening nautical twilight
EFP explosive formed penetrator

enemy prisoner of war

ES2 enemy soldier and sensor

enlisted tactical air controller


Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below System


fire direction center


forward edge of the battle area


fire for effect


fire support team


forward looking infared radar


forward line of troops


field manual

FO forward observer
FOV field of vision

final protective fire


final protective line

FRAGO fragmentary order
FS fire support
FSCL fire support coordination line

fire support coordination measures


fire support element

FSO fire support officer
GNR gunner
GPS Global Positioning System
GSR ground surveillance radar
GTA graphic training aid
GTL gun team leader
GTP ground tactical plan
HE high explosive
HEAT high explosive antitank
HEDP high explosive dual purpose
HEI-T high explosive incendiary w/ tracer
HEMTT heavy expanded mobility tactical truck
HMMWV high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle
HPT high profile target
HQ headquarters
HUMINT human intelligence
IBA individual body armor
ICV Infantry carrier vehicle
ICOM ingetrated communication
IED improvised explosive device
IMP impact
IMT individual movement techniques
IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield
IR information requirement
IRP initial rally point
ISR intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance
ITAS Improved Target Acquistion System
JSLIST joint service lightweight integrated suit technology
JTAC joint terminal air controller
KIA killed in action
KPH kilometers per hour
LACE liquid, ammunition, casualty, and equipment
LAW light antiarmor weapon
LC line of contact
LCMR lightweight counter-mortar radar
LD line of departure
LOA limit of advance
LOC line of communication
LOGPAC logistics package
LOS line of sight
LOW law of war
LTA launch tube assembly
LZ landing zone
MANPADS Man-Portable Air Defense System
MBA main battle area
MDI modernized demolition initiator
MEDEVAC medical evacuation
MEL maximum engagement line
METTC-TC mission, enemy, terrain, troops-time, civil
MGS Mobile Gun System
MLO multipurpose rain/snow/cb overboot
MOPMS modular pack mine system
MOPP mission-oriented protective posture
MR moonrise
MS moonset
MSD minimum safe distance
MSR main supply route
MVT movement
NAI named area of interest
NCO non-commissioned officer
NCS net control system
NFA no-fire area
NFV narrow field of view
NLT not later than
NMC nonmission capable
NSB near surface burst
NVD night vision device
NVG night vision goggles
NVS night vision sight
OAKOC observation and fields of fire, avenues of approach, key and decisive terrain, obstacles,
  cover and concealment
OP observation post
OPCON operational control
OPORD operation order
OPTEMPO operational tempo
ORP objective rally point
OT observer target
PA physician’s assistant
PCI precombat inspection
PDF principle direction of fire
PI percent of incapacitation
PIR priority intelligence requirement
PLD probable line of deployment
PLGR precision lightweight GPS receiver
PLL parts load list
PMCS preventive maintenance checks and services
PMM preventive medicine measures
POL petroleum, oil, and lubricants
POSNAV position navigation
PRX proximity
PSG platoon seargent
PSI pressure per square inch
PZ pickup zone
RCU remote control unit
RED risk estimate distance
RFA restrictive fire area
RIP relief in place
RLEM rifle-launched entry munitions
ROE rules of engagement
ROI rules of interaction
RPG rocket-propelled grenade
RRP reentry rally point
RTO radiotelephone operator
SA situational awareness
SALUTE size, activity, location, uniform, time, equipment
SBCT Stryker brigade combat team
SBF support by fire
SCATMINEs scatterable mines
SD self-destruct
SDM squad designated marksman
SDZ surface danger zone
SEAD suppression of enemy air defenses
SEE small earth excavator
SHORAD short-range air defense
SINCGARS Single Channel Ground/Airborne Radio System
SITEMP situation template
SL squad leader
SLAM selectable lightweight attack munition
SLM shoulder-launched munitions
SMAW-D shoulder-launched multipurpose assault weapon (disposable)
SME small earth excavator
SOFA status of forces agreement
SOP standing operating procedure
SOSRA suppress, obscure, secure, reduce, and assault
SR sunrise
SSC small-scale contingency
SS sunset
SU situational understanding
SVML standard vehicle-mounted launcher
TACP tactical air control party
TC truck commander
TCP traffic control point
TL team leader
TLP troop-leading procedures
TM technical manual

tube-launched, optically-tracked, wire-guided

TPT trainer practice tracer
TRP target reference point
TSOP tactical standing operating procedure

tactics, techniques, and procedures

TWS thermal weapons site
UAS unmanned aircraft system
UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice
UHF ultra high frequency
UMCP unit maintenance collection point
UXO unexploded ordnance

vehicle commander

WARNO warning order
WCS weapons control status
WFF warfighting function
WFOV wide field of view
WIA wounded in action
WLGH weapon-launched grappling hook
WP white phosphorus
WSL weapons squad leader
XO executive officer

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