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Soldiers learn basics of urban operations

Similar to the game of hide and seek, basic trainees practiced finding the enemy before being found at Wilson Village urban operations site on Sand Hill Wednesday.
Soldiers were taught to act quickly, but unlike a game, the stakes are nothing to play with.

“Urban fighting is a very quick, intense, horrific type of fighting,” said 1SG Randy Hahn, E Company, 2nd Battalion, 58th Infantry Regiment. “An insurgent can run from building to building, and you’ll only see him for a few seconds. It’s very fast, and it’s very dangerous.” (continue reading…)

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Infantry Soldiers tackle urban operations training

Facing probable deployments to Afghanistan or Iraq in the next year, Infantry Soldiers wrapping up one station unit training on Sand Hill got their first exposure to urban warfare Friday.

The group from F Company, 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry Regiment, spent time clearing rooms, securing courtyards and moving between buildings at Malone MOUT, a training complex set up to sharpen military operations on urban terrain. (continue reading…)

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Army Reserve Soldiers blow doors off urban ops training

“Door! Door! Door!”

With those words, one of the team members kicked open the door as he and his fellow Soldiers stormed into the adjoining room inside the enemy stronghold. To their surprise, an Iraqi woman hiding in that room screamed as they burst in, her cries of panic adding to the fog of war already enshrouding the wide-eyed Soldiers. But there was no time for distractions – another closed door stood between them and the unknown …

Such was the scenario that played out time and again during Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) training conducted here as part of annual training by Soldiers of the Army Reserve’s 78th Army Band and Headquarters, Headquarters Company (HHC), 99th Regional Support Command (RSC). (continue reading…)

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